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"The infopath form template for the selected content type cannot be loaded"

A quick one for you. If at some point you developed an InfoPath form and deployed it on your Sharepoint 2010 install as Web Browser Form , after upgrading to 2013 you may run into the following: Edit a page on your 2013 server, Add an InfoPath Form Web Part and edit it. Try to add… Read more

Sharepoint 2013 after importing a Design Package the users receive "The user does not have permissions"

A new neat feature in Sharepoint 2013 is the Design Manager. A quick and easy way to create Design Packages ( what previously one should have done through features and solutions) and be an answer to the branding demands for both on premise Sharepoint installs as well as for O365. Read more here: Overview of… Read more

People search results returns sps3:// instead of http://

Talking about odd behaviors or things that one can configure and have unexpected results in SharePoint, here’s one: You search for People Names. All looks fine, the names are returned, all looks ok, BUT when you click on the URL that should take you to that person’s public profile, you receive a “Page cannot be… Read more

Crawl / Indexing logging categories

Found yourself in the position of wanting to find out what is going on on the server when you are crawling ? How about cranking up the logging level ? Nice but if you do it for all , you will rapidly get big log files that will not be so easy to analyze ……. Read more

Error in the sitedata webservice

Here’s a troubleshooting tip for you all having problems figuring out the hidden meaning of the message : “Error in the sitedata webservice” Say you are crawling a site and you receive the above error .What can you do to investigate what does that error mean ? 1. The nice and easy approach: You can… Read more

Move one site collection from one web application to another

I know that reading the above you will say : backup and restore  or export and import . Perfectly true. What if the procedure involves moving one BIIIIIIG Site > 15 Gb? If you have the time to do it, that’s perfect. Just schedule the operations and go ahead. Here is a method that will… Read more

How to enable workflow tracing (debug)

This might come in handy whenever you (like myself and I am sure thousands of others) see some error in the execution of one workflow and found the completely useless messages like “Error Occurred” Dig deep and find nothing first troubleshooting step would be to enable verbose logging on the workflows category and check the… Read more

Sharepoint Designer 2007 workflow error occurred on Update List Item when field is Person/Group

  This is concerning an error found encountered in Sharepoint Designer based workflows after installing the October Cumulative updates. The behavior you will encounter is the following:   Create a simple list with two fields: Title (default) User type Person/Group Lookup   Create a Sharepoint Designer Workflow attached to this list , set it to… Read more

Workflow Error: "An error has occured in Approval"

What we have here is not actually a how to , nor does it point to a known issue, it’s more of a logical reason behind writing the entry. As a starting point, we have the SharepPoint standard Approval workflow which can, through the UI, easily be attached to a document library to kick in whenever… Read more

How to properly move (Detach/Attach) a content database.

The idea to write this entry came as a result of many failed Profile sync operations I’ve seen lately, so, here it is: As a scenario, let’s assume that you have a webapplication you want to move on a different port. I stress the word move, because otherwise you could simply extend the webapplication on… Read more