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Sharepoint 2013 after importing a Design Package the users receive "The user does not have permissions"

A new neat feature in Sharepoint 2013 is the Design Manager. A quick and easy way to create Design Packages ( what previously one should have done through features and solutions) and be an answer to the branding demands for both on premise Sharepoint installs as well as for O365. Read more here: Overview of… Read more

Task aggregation in SharePoint 2013. How does it work. Scenarios and supportability.

One of the important features in SharePoint is the ability to have an overview of the tasks assigned to a person. With SharePoint 2013, the source of the aggregation has diversified including now Project Server Tasks, SharePoint Tasks and Exchange Tasks , all these aggregated in the special “My Tasks” view in each user’s personal site…. Read more

404 error on a Sharepoint Site : COMException (0x80004005) : The operation cannot be completed successfully

Here’s one behavior that you might see. Since the error is not that enlightening and the logs do not tell you what happens, I thought it’s usefull to document it. You have configured your farm and attempt to browse to the site you created. Instead of the page you receive a 404 error ( the… Read more

My Colleague Tag , or “there is no timer job…”

The question that generated this post was: “What timer job needs to run in order for the Colleagues tag to become in effect and to be displayed as such in the search results page ?” While this might seem trivial to some, there is a valid point behind the question, now with the multitude of… Read more

There is no Farm

  One interesting topic was suggested a couple of days ago by a colleague of mine. As  SharePoint Developer , one needs to have all the things near.That means , on the development  workstation, we need the tools, the assemblies, the server, EVERYTHING. Great. And, installing the server on a client computer is as you… Read more

People search results returns sps3:// instead of http://

Talking about odd behaviors or things that one can configure and have unexpected results in SharePoint, here’s one: You search for People Names. All looks fine, the names are returned, all looks ok, BUT when you click on the URL that should take you to that person’s public profile, you receive a “Page cannot be… Read more

Profiles don’t get imported from AD

I ran into this while attempting to import the profiles and playing with my managed properties in the SSP. Here’s what I did and noticed: Having defined my  BDC as a People Details Repository  the initial purpose of the test was to completely replace all the user details in the search results with the results… Read more

This Site scope does not return any results

Noticed something weird the other days: I was fiddling around managed properties in my search settings and thought of deleting some of them to remove them from being indexed and from the search results. Among other managed properties deleted, I also deleted the “Site” managed property. What I noticed after running a full crawl was… Read more

"The language is not supported on the server. "

If you, like me had the chance of re-installing SharePoint (with all the language packs that you might have used before), it is likely that you have encountered this message. You will most likely see this message when running the configuration wizard , or attempting to create new sites, even in other languages than the… Read more

Move one site collection from one web application to another

I know that reading the above you will say : backup and restore  or export and import . Perfectly true. What if the procedure involves moving one BIIIIIIG Site > 15 Gb? If you have the time to do it, that’s perfect. Just schedule the operations and go ahead. Here is a method that will… Read more