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List saved as template does not appear under Add an app or what lists can you save as template and use for creating other lists based on them.

You are trying to achieve the following : save a list as template, export the saved stp file and import it into a different environment to be able to create a new list based on this template. however, after importing it successfully, you discover that the list template is not displayed among the available templates… Read more

mpp files stored in SharePoint open read only in Project Client

Since I encountered this ever recurring question on our internal community sites and no clear explanation on it, here it is: Scenario: you have Microsoft Project Client installed and you create a new project. When saving, you decide to store the Project file (.mpp) in a SharePoint document list. You are able to successfully save the… Read more

why would listdata.svc return an error

With the new features in Excel like PowerQuery, you can get the data from Sharepoint lists and aggregate it in nicely formatted reports. This is cool. To get the data, Excel will connect to _vti_bin/listdata.svc and retrieve first the lists, then on select, will get the list items and work with them. Under specific circumstances… Read more

"The infopath form template for the selected content type cannot be loaded"

A quick one for you. If at some point you developed an InfoPath form and deployed it on your Sharepoint 2010 install as Web Browser Form , after upgrading to 2013 you may run into the following: Edit a page on your 2013 server, Add an InfoPath Form Web Part and edit it. Try to add… Read more

You do not have access to this page

This can happen if you are a Visitor to a publishing enabled site and the master pages are not published. Action: contact the site administrator, have him go to Design Manager (/_layouts/15/DesignMasterPages.aspx) and check if the master page currently applied to the site is published and approved. When can this happen ( well other than a designer… Read more

This web site has been configured to disallow editing with SharePoint Designer

Here’s one for you: Trying to open any page with Sharepoint Designer results in “Web Site Editing is Disabled. This web site has been configured to disallow editing with SharePoint Designer. Contact your web site administrator for more information” The behavior is by design for the Root Web of a Project Server Site Collection (Template PWA#0)  and… Read more

Sharepoint 2013 after importing a Design Package the users receive "The user does not have permissions"

A new neat feature in Sharepoint 2013 is the Design Manager. A quick and easy way to create Design Packages ( what previously one should have done through features and solutions) and be an answer to the branding demands for both on premise Sharepoint installs as well as for O365. Read more here: Overview of… Read more

Task aggregation in SharePoint 2013. How does it work. Scenarios and supportability.

One of the important features in SharePoint is the ability to have an overview of the tasks assigned to a person. With SharePoint 2013, the source of the aggregation has diversified including now Project Server Tasks, SharePoint Tasks and Exchange Tasks , all these aggregated in the special “My Tasks” view in each user’s personal site…. Read more

The user does not exist or is not unique

I have seen this not only once so I thought it’s worth a couple of lines to (potentially) save some trouble-shooting 🙂 . among the properties that can be set to restrict peoplepicker behavior we have serviceaccountdirectorypaths and siteuseraccountdirectorypath These properties go hand in hand and allow the abbility to restrict the peoplepicker to… Read more

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPEndpointAddressNotFoundException: There are no addresses available for this application

Ran into this message and I thought it would be nice to share the resolution. Consider the following callstack from ULS: Exception=Microsoft.SharePoint.SPEndpointAddressNotFoundException: There are no addresses available for this application.     at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPRoundRobinServiceLoadBalancer.BeginOperation()     at Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPServiceApplicationProxyBase`1.ExecuteOnChannel(..)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.AppManagement.AppManagementServiceApplicationProxy.GetScaleOutDatabaseMap()    … The Problem with the above message is caused by the Service Application “App Management Service” and Proxy being configured and… Read more