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Starting a new chapter : CSOM PowerShell scripts

  Since a while now I am supporting Sharepoint Online, I gathered with the time a set of scripts that help in day to day troubleshooting, setting up repro sites, etc. I thought , putting them together for a quicker access is a good idea, so I am starting a new tag SPOScripts where you… Read more

Site Content and Structure is broken.. or is it ?

You may run occasionally into this, so I thought this post could save you some long troubleshooting steps. the scenario is simple: you want to visit the Content and Structure page and receive an unexpected error. Looking at the ULS Logs you see the following Exception: System.ArgumentException: Invalid value. The value cannot be an empty… Read more

Sharepoint Online External Users:

You always wanted to be able to allow users external to your company to collaborate on documents pertaining to common projects. You want to be minimize the administrative work that this requires. And, you want to do this in your Online environment. The solution is External Users Sharing. However, you also may have questions as… Read more

O365 Internet Explorer Protected Mode and security zones

One of the important settings often disregarded that can cause a lot of confusion as to whether the product behaves as expected or not: Internet Explorer Protected Mode and security zones when working in Office 365. Behaviour: You log-in to your Sharepoint site and notice that some of the resources are not properly working (for… Read more

Yes you can reach the developers directly.

We all knew that SharePoint online will be fast, better, will have new features deployed more rapidly than the on premise world , but what happened in the last weeks, months changed dramatically how the product looks, works , reacts. While this is simply mind blowing , the high number of new things to discover… Read more

Share a list externally ? Not directly.

Another gotcha for you: SharePoint Online has a great feature that enables your company to interact with external users, to better collaborate, without having to go through the whole process of adding user accounts, granting permissions, defining groups etc.. (not that you cannot do this of course, if you would like to take the matter… Read more

Modified By Column does not get updated

Have you ever seen the following behavior ? You create a new document library and start uploading content.Then the users start modifying the documents, however, the Modified by  field does not update to reflect the Name of the user that modified the document. Instead, the Name of the user that created ( or otherwise the… Read more

Getting the feature names available on the server

One script that comes in handy when you have the following type of issue ( rare but it happens ). Say you have deployed a webpart through a custom solution. From time to time on your load balanced farm, the page crashes . Investigating , you find out that the solution was not added on… Read more

Format SQL script

It has little to do with Sharepoint per se but I find it very useful to format the ugly scripts: And yes, it can be improved and refined. $s=Read-host "All in one line script" $s=$s.Replace(",",",`n").Replace("SELECT","`nSELECT").Replace("FROM","`nFrom").Replace("INNER","`n`tINNER").Replace("CASE","`n`t`tCASE").Replace("INSERT","`nINSERT").Replace("`n`n","`n") $s|out-file C:\temp\Formatted.sql  … Read more