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Crawl taking indefinitely to complete

Came across this a couple of times and, unfortunately there is no easy way out of it. Here is the behavior description: Crawling your site, full or incremental will not finish, even after a long time. If you try to access the SQL server’s tempdb will most likely result in the inability to get a… Read more

How to enable workflow tracing (debug)

This might come in handy whenever you (like myself and I am sure thousands of others) see some error in the execution of one workflow and found the completely useless messages like “Error Occurred” Dig deep and find nothing first troubleshooting step would be to enable verbose logging on the workflows category and check the… Read more

Workflows do not start

You are of course aware of the fact that starting with Service Pack 1 the workflows created in SharePoint designer that should launch under the credentials of the system account will no longer start automatically. You know what the resolution is for this problem: simply do not to use the system account. You implemented all… Read more

How to remove something (the port) from the URL as returned in the search results (searchresults.aspx):

How to remove something (the port) from the URL as returned in the search results (searchresults.aspx):   UPDATE : the behavior depicted below should not happen after installing October 2009 Cumulative Update package:   Download October 2009 Server-Package for WSS (974989)   Download October 2009 Server-Package for MOSS 2007 (974988) If you have not upgraded or… Read more

mpp files stored in SharePoint open read only in Project Client

Since I encountered this ever recurring question on our internal community sites and no clear explanation on it, here it is: Scenario: you have Microsoft Project Client installed and you create a new project. When saving, you decide to store the Project file (.mpp) in a SharePoint document list. You are able to successfully save the… Read more

Workflow Error: "An error has occured in Approval"

What we have here is not actually a how to , nor does it point to a known issue, it’s more of a logical reason behind writing the entry. As a starting point, we have the SharepPoint standard Approval workflow which can, through the UI, easily be attached to a document library to kick in whenever… Read more

Page not found 404 on Default.aspx

Why do you receive a 404 when trying to visit Default.aspx on your SharePoint Site ( among other multiple reasons) ? Answer ( among other potential answers ) 🙂 The site might reside at the root of a Wildcard inclusion managed path. EX: Webapplication             http://SharePoint Managed Path at          /ManPath/ The Default page at     http://SharePoint/ManPath/Default.aspx When you… Read more

Document ID enabled but no document ID is generated

  Here is an interesting behavior that I came across in the last weeks. You attempt to enable the Document ID feature at site collection level. The enablement works fine but you do not receive any errors, however no document ID field is generated for the documents in the site collection (if you check for… Read more

Crawl schedules do not work

One issue you might have encountered after experiencing some Search problems.Although everything looks ok, the crawl schedules are not respected and the crawler fails to index the content at the specified times. No errors are logged and if you start the crawl manually , everything works great and the items are indexed ( regardless if… Read more

Search Based Alerts

Purpose : To get notified whenever something new gets indexed, based on a search term you specify. Say for instance that you would like to get notified whenever a new “TOP SECRET DOCUMENT” 🙂 gets indexed. Go to the search page, issue a query and when the results page is displayed, click on the “Alert… Read more