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Number of views (and forms) limit when creating a list from template

A gotcha I stumbled upon a couple of days ago:

I created a list with 100 views and saved it as template. When trying to create a new list based on this template, I noticed that only 91 views were created.

Scouting the ULS logs I found this entry:

General tkgi High The number of views have reached the maximum supported (90). View processing will 0stop for list …, dir .. leaf … web …

Lesson learned.

If you do need a list that needs to have more than 90 views ( for whatever reason) , do not use the save as template-create from template method to provision the list.

Rather, provision a list with only the default views and add the needed ones via code as per :

Another ULS entry that you might want to take into consideration:

General tkgo High The number of forms and views have reached the maximum supported (100). Form processing will stop for list …, dir …, leaf …, web …