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Media Player Web Part in SharePoint minimum size ( or, there is more than one way to skin the media player web part )

Let’s say you want to use the Media Player web part to enhance your web site by playing an audio file. Of course, you do not want the component to take too much visual space , and if at all possible, you would like to only display the control buttons (Play/Pause, Stop, Mute) so that… Read more

Page not found 404 on Default.aspx

Why do you receive a 404 when trying to visit Default.aspx on your SharePoint Site ( among other multiple reasons) ? Answer ( among other potential answers ) 🙂 The site might reside at the root of a Wildcard inclusion managed path. EX: Webapplication             http://SharePoint Managed Path at          /ManPath/ The Default page at     http://SharePoint/ManPath/Default.aspx When you… Read more

SQL-Network Performance problems when orphan solutions are still present in the database

Consider the following scenario: You have deployed a number of solutions on your Sharepoint Site. During the time, you deactivate the solutions, delete them, add new ones, and so on. For unknown reasons, some of the solutions still remain in the database but they do not get displayed in the user interface ( what we… Read more

404 error on a Sharepoint Site : COMException (0x80004005) : The operation cannot be completed successfully

Here’s one behavior that you might see. Since the error is not that enlightening and the logs do not tell you what happens, I thought it’s usefull to document it. You have configured your farm and attempt to browse to the site you created. Instead of the page you receive a 404 error ( the… Read more

Document ID enabled but no document ID is generated

  Here is an interesting behavior that I came across in the last weeks. You attempt to enable the Document ID feature at site collection level. The enablement works fine but you do not receive any errors, however no document ID field is generated for the documents in the site collection (if you check for… Read more

My Colleague Tag , or “there is no timer job…”

The question that generated this post was: “What timer job needs to run in order for the Colleagues tag to become in effect and to be displayed as such in the search results page ?” While this might seem trivial to some, there is a valid point behind the question, now with the multitude of… Read more

There is no Farm

  One interesting topic was suggested a couple of days ago by a colleague of mine. As  SharePoint Developer , one needs to have all the things near.That means , on the development  workstation, we need the tools, the assemblies, the server, EVERYTHING. Great. And, installing the server on a client computer is as you… Read more

What is the maximum value one can set for the Large-file-chunk-size ?

Ran into this a couple of days ago and I thought I’d share the knowledge , just in case you are seeing this behavior: According to, the value that can be set for this value is between 5 Mb Default and 2Gb. This, means anything between (including ) 5,242,880 – 2,147,483,648. Default value is set… Read more