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People search results returns sps3:// instead of http://

Talking about odd behaviors or things that one can configure and have unexpected results in SharePoint, here’s one: You search for People Names. All looks fine, the names are returned, all looks ok, BUT when you click on the URL that should take you to that person’s public profile, you receive a “Page cannot be… Read more

Crawl / Indexing logging categories

Found yourself in the position of wanting to find out what is going on on the server when you are crawling ? How about cranking up the logging level ? Nice but if you do it for all , you will rapidly get big log files that will not be so easy to analyze ……. Read more

Error in the sitedata webservice

Here’s a troubleshooting tip for you all having problems figuring out the hidden meaning of the message : “Error in the sitedata webservice” Say you are crawling a site and you receive the above error .What can you do to investigate what does that error mean ? 1. The nice and easy approach: You can… Read more

Timer jobs missing ( too many CPUs)

Ran into a funny behavior these days, checking the timer job status on a Sharepoint server ( totally new, new box, new OS , new Sharepoint) I fount the page blank. I have never encountered this before so I was puzzled, stunned, blocked and intrigued… What could have gone wrong ? Believing this to be a… Read more

Crawl taking indefinitely to complete

Came across this a couple of times and, unfortunately there is no easy way out of it. Here is the behavior description: Crawling your site, full or incremental will not finish, even after a long time. If you try to access the SQL server’s tempdb will most likely result in the inability to get a… Read more