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Crawl schedules do not work

One issue you might have encountered after experiencing some Search problems.Although everything looks ok, the crawl schedules are not respected and the crawler fails to index the content at the specified times. No errors are logged and if you start the crawl manually , everything works great and the items are indexed ( regardless if… Read more

Profiles don’t get imported from AD

I ran into this while attempting to import the profiles and playing with my managed properties in the SSP. Here’s what I did and noticed: Having defined my  BDC as a People Details Repository  the initial purpose of the test was to completely replace all the user details in the search results with the results… Read more

This Site scope does not return any results

Noticed something weird the other days: I was fiddling around managed properties in my search settings and thought of deleting some of them to remove them from being indexed and from the search results. Among other managed properties deleted, I also deleted the “Site” managed property. What I noticed after running a full crawl was… Read more

"The language is not supported on the server. "

If you, like me had the chance of re-installing SharePoint (with all the language packs that you might have used before), it is likely that you have encountered this message. You will most likely see this message when running the configuration wizard , or attempting to create new sites, even in other languages than the… Read more

Search crawl issues after installing .NET 3.5 SP1

A number of issues with crawling content in SharePoint was observed since installing .NET 3.5 SP1.  The behavior, usually is the inability to crawl the content and various permission-related messages in your crawl log. Among these the most frequent message sounds like: Check that the Default Content Access Account has access to this content, or… Read more

Federate to Sharepoint inside the same domain across farms

Among many features and improvements to the search engine, things brought by the Infrastructure Update, perhaps the most awaited one, search federation, was finally deployed.  With search federation the search results are no longer restricted to the site collection, webs, farms in other words, local search results.  On the same search result page using the… Read more

Move one site collection from one web application to another

I know that reading the above you will say : backup and restore  or export and import . Perfectly true. What if the procedure involves moving one BIIIIIIG Site > 15 Gb? If you have the time to do it, that’s perfect. Just schedule the operations and go ahead. Here is a method that will… Read more

Manual SharePoint uninstall procedure

Here is a procedure that might come in handy when you, for some reason are required to            re-install the binaries of the server. Scenarios requiring this might include reverting to a previous state, fixing a corrupted farm, etc. I have ran into those situations where if you simply click on uninstall would not do much… Read more

Workflows do not start

You are of course aware of the fact that starting with Service Pack 1 the workflows created in SharePoint designer that should launch under the credentials of the system account will no longer start automatically. You know what the resolution is for this problem: simply do not to use the system account. You implemented all… Read more

How to enable workflow tracing (debug)

This might come in handy whenever you (like myself and I am sure thousands of others) see some error in the execution of one workflow and found the completely useless messages like “Error Occurred” Dig deep and find nothing first troubleshooting step would be to enable verbose logging on the workflows category and check the… Read more