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Spell it out (or why my Everyone But External Users or Everyone gets removed automatically from a modern Site group membership)

This is a recurrent one mostly coming from experienced SharePoint Admins that see their configured security settings are not persisted over night. Scenario: You have created a modern team site in SharePoint. As a SharePoint Admin you go into the site permissions and add “Everyone but external users” claim to the group members. Later on… Read more

What’s with these weird account GUIDs ? 00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000

It may happen from time to time to stumble upon weird GUID accounts in your logs. They will resemble something like <guid>@00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000. For those of you that haven’t published an app/ set-up a S2S trust relationship, well, never seen this , here is the explanation. From “The audience principal for a SharePoint Add-in is always 00000003-0000-0ff1-ce00-000000000000″ This… Read more

Save Modern sites as template, yes we can but should we?

NO. Saving Modern sites (while do-able) is not supported. The first hint that it’s not supported is the fact that the link “Save This Site As Template” is missing. And as history shows us, if it’s missing , it’s missing for a reason: It’s not supported to save the site as template. Think about Publishing… Read more

Why do some of the lists and libraries I create only work in classic experience in SharePoint Online?

You’ve surely been there: In your SharePoint Online environment, you have set-up the modern experience to apply to all the sites and lists. You create a document library and, naturally expect to see the new experience applied. Still you will be redirected to the classic experience. Why? The answer is here :Differences between the new… Read more

Can I fix my event receivers in SharepointOnline ?

I was looking for a solution. Found none documented , therefore, here it is. Consider the following scenario: you have a document library where some of the events you are expecting seem not to be working. You troubleshoot your list and find out that some of the event receivers you are expecting to see, are… Read more

Why don’t I get alerted when an item is added ?

A fair question if you set to be notified when a document is added on a document library and you notice that you are not notified on additions. Ready to try everything you set to be alerted on all changes and you then DO get notified . Hm. This happens if the document is checked… Read more

Word Quick Parts and Sharepoint

Here is a nice and neat feature to surface some document properties that usually live in the Document information panel: Quick Parts. For those of you raising an eyebrow (whaa?) , here’s a primer : The feature is not new and quite useful especially in the newer versions of Office where, to get to the… Read more

The first steps

The very first steps to connect to Sharepoint Online with Powershell are: load the required dlls for your operation ( you will need at a minimum Microsoft.SharePoint.CLient.dll and Microsoft.SharePointClient.Runtime.dll) establish a client context to the site where you want to work Loading the dlls: if you installed Sharepoint Online Management Shell :   $programFiles =… Read more

Setting up PowerShell for SPO

The very first thing you want to do is to get the required SharepointClient dlls. You have the option of either getting them from the Sharepoint Online Management Shell install folder with the caveat that you will have a limited number of dlls to interact with Sharepoint. If you want to go for the dev… Read more