Creating the Perfect Store

What is the perfect store? Brands and retailers would probably say it is one that meets or excels their financial goals. But the answer to that question is quite different for the customer.  The customer wants a store that’s inviting and allows them to easily find the product they want, when they want it. The atmosphere of the store should facilitate, not negate, the sale. Ultimately, the consumer wants an easy and pleasant shopping experience that meets their needs.

How can retailers and brands meet both goals? 

One way, is to improve the merchandising process with 3D merchandising technology where the shopping environment is represented as a 3D virtual model with impressive realism. Using a solution like My Store, a 3DEXPERIENCE industry solution from Dassault Systèmes, retailers can plan, experience and evaluate the customer’s experience long before they go into stores. Even before the products are shipping, brands and retailers can maximize ROI by making informed decisions early on inventory, assortments, and store layout, and avoid expensive and time-consuming re-dos.

With My Store, brands and management can collaborate visually with their merchandising, assortment, space planning and store design teams and with their associates at any location. Together, they determine the best product assortment and layout and create the best consumer experience that will drive sales.

Retailers benefit from the merchant’s vision of how products should be displayed in the store. Retailers and brands can connect with consumer groups and link their feedback directly into the store layout and product assortments. Brand manufacturers can show their products displayed in the best combinations to influence retailers and thus increase their presence and sales.

How French Menswear Retailer celio* is Visualizing Success with My Store

Popular French menswear retailer celio*, with more than 1,000 stores across 60 countries, needed a way to display its products in different outlets that vary in size and architecture, while delivering a consistent experience to the customer.  celio* selected My Store to help it ensure a consistent brand experience, present a precise message and ensure that all of its teams worldwide could create a consistent store concept as it continues to grow.

Laurent Rousset, celio*’s CIO, explains: “We have two main collections, which are supported by additional, smaller collections throughout the year. We have special merchandising and promotions for each. Each season, we have to define new store merchandising. All this work used to be done manually; we printed the designers’ sketches, pinned them to mood boards, produced a book or photo and
distributed them to visual merchandisers in each store. It was so time-consuming.”

With My Store, celio* can optimize assortment finalization, product placement, revenue generation and profit; ensure consistent, visual brand equity across stores; and evaluate and refine the actual shopping experience from its consumers’ perspective. My Store also helps the company visualize the set-up of “shop within a shop” locations in 3D to influence retailers in product positioning, increasing presence and revenue.

My Store allows celio* to create 3D models of its store layouts, fixtures and marketing collateral. It can also take 2D photographs or illustrations and render them into 3D to virtually merchandise the store and visualize the assortment from the consumer perspective – before having the physical products available.

Store teams and consumer focus groups can share a 3D walkthrough and shop the assortment virtually, providing early feedback. The placement, quantity and assortment can be adjusted to maximize
visual appeal, enhance revenue and profit, even before committing to production. Once satisfied that the right products are featured in the right volumes, the assortment manager can generate 2D planograms with product details and mounting instructions in a single click for in-store execution. celio* can also look at the individual products and see the impact of the merchandising on sales.

“There’s now more logic behind the assortment – it tells a story. And this creates a far better customer experience,” says Laurent Thoumine, celio*’s VP of supply chain.

By Susan Olivier, vice president of consumer goods and retail, Dassault Systèmes

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