Technology that will disrupt retail in 2014

By: Tracy Issel Last week we participated in the National Retail Federation Big Show to share how Microsoft technology and devices are helping retailers take advantage of this digital era. We showed attendees how we can help retailers get the right devices with the right information into the hands of employees to improve their customers’ experiences….


Give workers a great UX and they will rule the world

Give workers a great UX and they will rule the world In such a competitive retail landscape, where traditional brick and mortar stores battle digital shopping networks for the consumer dollar, retailers who thrive will be those who invest in the right productivity tools for workers. It’s no great secret that store managers and associates…


Successful retailers go social at work

By Tracy Issel Happy employees means happy customers. Retailers know this first-hand. How can retailers engage with their employees to achieve this customer success, while still being productive? This is a question Microsoft is exploring at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show this week in NYC at booth #2703. Over the years, we’ve seen…


Jingle All the Way? The ‘Innovation vs. Cost Optimization’ Dilemma

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…”  As in Dickens’ classic, this past holiday season has been A Tale of Two Cities – and a familiar pattern for many retailers. To wit: Total holiday sales climbed 3.5 percent over last year… but at the expense of profit margins. Prospects pulled out…


Creating the Perfect Store

What is the perfect store? Brands and retailers would probably say it is one that meets or excels their financial goals. But the answer to that question is quite different for the customer.  The customer wants a store that’s inviting and allows them to easily find the product they want, when they want it. The…


Better Retail Insights Mean Better Retail Operations

By Tracy Issel There’s a mantra in retail that seems as critical today as ever: “The only way to grow your business is to know your business.” Indeed, when retailers have access to the real-time information they need, they’re able to greatly improve the way they manage their businesses. They’re also better able to increase…


Get the Best of All Worlds with In-Store Mobile

Consumers demand great experiences and desire instant gratification. Whether it’s online or in-store, consumers want information to be fast, accurate and focused on their needs. If done correctly, online retail experiences can meet all those desires. But what about in-store, where you have to access data via a computer that may be a considerable distance…


Retail Innovations to Reinvent Customer Interactions

By John Konczal, Global Retail Strategist, Avanade We are in the era of anywhere, anytime retail. Shopping journeys no longer begin and end at a store entrance. Today’s consumers are online, on the go, in stores and in touch with social networks from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram. They have more tools than…


New retail customers are betting on Microsoft for a connected mobile experience

Look around. Chances are you see your mobile device sitting on the desk, you’re reading this on a mobile device, or you see someone else using a mobile device in your vicinity. In short, mobile is everywhere. And this trend is one reason why Microsoft is at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show this…