Windows Embedded Compact 2013: a small footprint industry device

What is Windows Embedded Compact 2013? It is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Compact componentized OS, formerly known as Windows CE. Did you know that Microsoft has been in the embedded space with this operating system for over 15 years?  In that time, this little OS has evolved from one target category--small handheld devices--to a general-purpose embedded system that powers everything from tiny controls, to retail POS terminals, to the automation of high-end manufacturing. Windows Embedded Compact continues to differentiate itself within Microsoft, and within the larger ecosystem, as an operating system targeting small-footprint devices that need real-time performance and silicon flexibility.

Optimized for building small-footprint industry devices, Windows Embedded Compact 2013 includes new tools and capabilities that extend the experience of Windows and powers some of the smallest industry devices. Examples include programmable logic controllers and human-machine interface panels used to monitor processes in manufacturing and RFID scanners in retail environments.

When these devices are connected via the cloud to backend systems, the resulting intelligent system generates data that can be harnessed and analyzed to provide actionable insight for the enterprise. That data is considered the new currency of business.

The product is generally available today. Read more about Windows Embedded Compact 2013 from the Windows Embedded News Center, or download the full toolkit here.


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