Big Data’s Big Impact for the Media Industry

If you’ve checked out our blog recently, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been posting about big data... a lot. And that’s because we are committed to helping companies navigate the vast oceans of data available today, and use it to make strategic improvements to their businesses.

Our commitment is on display again this week at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas. We know that media and cable companies are looking to gather real business value and insights from the loads of data coming from many different sources: their cloud or on-site servers, internal and third party data, and even social media outlets. Media companies who are able to effectively harness all of this big data can provide greater value for their viewers and advertisers alike.  A well-planned big data strategy can also directly impact their brand equity which, in turn, can fund additional content.

For years we’ve been empowering customers to take advantage of big data through a holistic set of solutions and services, from our back-end data platform to important end user tools. Layered on top of Microsoft’s data management platform is a familiar suite of business intelligence (BI) tools that enable customers to find insights with Excel including PowerPivot + Power View, and SharePoint. And at NAB this week, we will also be talking about the recent preview of a project codenamed “Data Explorer” for Excel that enhances the self-service BI experience by simplifying data discovery and access.

Also at NAB, we’ll be showcasing how companies can manage data of all types and sizes across Windows and the cloud. Come to our booth, or check out this video, to see how IPG Mediabrands uses Windows 8 and the Push BI app to help their media planners and buyers quickly analyze the $35 billion in media spending they oversee annually.

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