Keeping up with the changing landscape of broadcast media

- By Taras Bugir, managing director, Worldwide Media & Cable at Microsoft

Over the last several years, we have seen the media landscape change at a dizzying pace. Customers can now watch what they want, when they want, no matter what device they are using—from screens that are three inches to 80 inches and everything in between.  

The emergence of digital content and the variety of devices available has created the super-consumer—people that have high expectations for the content they enjoy. We see people watching their favorite shows on-demand or catching up on their favorite sports highlights – at the gym, at airports, even on planes. They all use technology that was not even possible a couple of years ago.

For me, it’s been exciting to see both media and technology companies responding to this shift. Platforms have evolved into cloud-based service models, and media companies are making use of these new technologies and providing their catalog of TV programs, movies and sporting events online. They are bringing their offerings to audiences quickly, on multiple devices and across multiple geographies.  And they are able to deliver these compelling content experiences while controlling operational costs and protecting their brand.

One of the many benefits of this model is that media companies can deliver programming at a cost that directly matches their advertising and subscription revenue without up-front investment. Another benefit is that the cloud gives broadcasters control over the quality of the content and the customer experience, ensuring their brand is preserved. Cloud-based hosting also allows media companies to launch new channels and services in test markets and, if necessary, shut them down just as quickly without great financial overhead.  

In the midst all of these changes and opportunities, I’m excited to attend the 2013 NAB Show. It takes place April 6-11 in Las Vegas, and my team will be showcasing technologies that help media companies realize growth opportunities that exist in this evolving industry landscape. With cloud-based services, media companies can move beyond traditional broadcast channels to a rapidly growing variety of personal and mobile devices. 

Enabling businesses to succeed with innovative technology solutions is the core of what we do, and I’d like to invite you to join me in our NAB booth.  My goal is to help attendees understand how our products, along with partner solutions, maximize growth opportunities and increased advertising and paid subscription revenues.

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