Global Energy Forum 2013: a "must-attend" event for the Oil & Gas industry

We are excited to host the 10th Annual Global Energy Forum today in Houston. GEF has become a highly anticipated event for the Oil and Gas industry, with leaders from around the world coming together to meet and share ideas that will help guide their companies through this rapidly changing – and growing – space.

Like many manufacturing industries today, Oil and Gas companies are facing challenges that require them to transform their business models. Changing demographics are leading to a shortage of critical labor, increased global demand adds stress on output, and low downstream margins are reducing profits. However, these challenges also have spurred companies to transform their operations and change their approach to building innovative business operations.

Microsoft has a long track record of helping this industry adapt to new technology. Along with our partners, we are delivering tightly integrated solutions along the entire value chain to help companies build innovative operations. One of the main areas of where we see innovation is the capability to store massive amounts of data in the cloud. The Oil and Gas industry is quickly moving to cloud-based services because they are more flexible and less expensive. On-premise legacy systems can’t keep up with the rapid software updates and innovation that the business side requires. The cloud also offers more computing power and better data resolution.

Microsoft technologies such as Windows 8 are also driving innovation in the Oil and Gas sector. With Windows 8, the industry benefits from an engaging, connected and informed employee experience, underpinned by a secure platform that meets the most rigorous compliance needs. This enables companies to drive productivity and operational excellence, accelerate product development and time to market, and foster creativity with easily shareable ideas, proposals and knowledge. 

The Oil and Gas industry is progressing rapidly, and Microsoft’s technology, strategic leadership, and partner ecosystem empower these companies by enhancing interactions among co-workers, customers, suppliers and regulators. This helps save money, innovate products and quicken the decision making process to ensure a long and prosperous future for companies in this sector. 

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