European Retailer Tesco Embraces a Cultural Shift with Office 365

Tesco, a UK-based grocery and merchandise retailer, has chosen to deploy Office 365 across its workforce. Tesco is the largest private employer in Europe and third-largest retailer in the world.  Tesco has operations in 14 countries which serve millions of customers every week.

As Tesco grew internationally, it became difficult for their staff to work together as a team and share information.  Branches often felt disconnected from the organization as a whole – employees were having difficulties working as a team, or finding the right person or answer. The company began looking for a solution to help communicate ideas and news to a multinational, multigenerational workforce who expect to work with leading edge technology solutions.

Tesco chose Office 365 to encourage a cultural shift within the company of embracing more flexible ways of working. With Office 365, employees are able to quickly access experts, information and tools to help them do their job. The result is people work more effectively together, regardless of geographic location, creating a personal and seamless shopping experience for their customers.  

Learn more about Tesco’s story, or visit the Office 365 website. Try the preview version of the new Office here

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