From Data to Insight & Impact: Using Power View to Review Sales Performance

Welcome to our From Data to Insight & Impact series, where we invite you to take a closer look at Power View, the BI tool that is helping business leaders across every industry drive positive impact in their business. In this series of videos and case studies, we share real-life scenarios that we learned of through business reviews.  We believe that through these examples, you will experience the amazing data exploration capabilities of Power View, which in turn can guide you to making better business decisions.

Here, in this first part of our series, we talk with Susan Hauser, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise & Partner Group at Microsoft, to understand how her team uses Power View to gain insights and make decisions in a quicker time frame.  Through this real world example, you will see how you can discover insights and reach a deeper level of analysis that was not initially obvious by simply interacting with the charts and filters.

Once you see the endless business possibilities that Power View can open up for you, come back and join us for Part 2 of this From Data to Insight & Impact series, where we show you how to build a sales summary Power View.

PLEASE NOTE: The data and geographical regions referred to in this video have been manipulated for demonstration purposes and do not reflect actual data.

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