On the Horizon: Sibos 2012 and News and Views From our Partners (Guest Blog Post)

This is the last in a series of guest blogs from Microsoft's partners about how they are working with us to enable customer success in Financial Servics with Sibos 2012 approaching. Today, our guest author is Ioana Moldovan, Social Media Marketing Manager at Allevo. You can find more information about Allevo’s initiatives here.

Allevo Takes Financial Transactions Processing Into the World of Open Distribution

What’s NEW this year? FinTP and FINkers United, that’s what’s new! You can now join Allevo in this brave quest to create a brand new open world for financial transactions processing.

May 24, 2012, was an important day for us at Allevo, as we officially launched our project FinTP — a new and disruptive initiative that gravitates around the idea to develop the first open source application for financial transactions processing and to build a creative, niche community around it, which we chose to name FINkers United.

This event, the first edition of FINkers United, gathered a powerful combination of experts from banks, corporations, software vendors, open source developers, legal and business advisors and market analysts to explore the ways in which a financial open source platform can become the best alternative with greater benefits for the entire community built around it. They have contributed with valuable questions and ideas that Allevo has thoroughly analyzed and reviewed, resulting in a refinement of project approach and strategy.

Ever since the official launch, the FinTP project has gained a lot of interest. It has been appreciated by financial institutions operating or with interests in Romania, and has become attractive to some software redistribution companies.

Even if the idea sounds too bold, Allevo truly believes in this initiative and is fully committed to this project and to publish, under free-open licensing terms, its own financial transactions processing engine — which capitalizes on a seven years’ practice proven operation. This is only the beginning and we still have a long way ahead. We are prepared and we have the heart to go all the way, but we need you, our partners, our customers, innovators, developers, legal experts, technical and business specialists, to join us in this journey, to apply our collective intelligence into building this community, into solving the very concrete problems that such a project may face, into turning this bold initiative into a great accomplishment, for everyone involved.

Because “Innovative, unique, visionary, revealing, challenging, awesome, provocative, super, good initiative, outstanding, pioneer, extraordinary effort” are just a few of the words participants had to say about the event and the FinTP project.

Therefore, if innovation is something you believe in, if building together an open platform for financial transactions processing sounds appealing, visit Allevo at Sibos Osaka at stand 3B11 and find out more about this innovative project and how you can be part of this new world.

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