Russian Telecom provider says Windows 7 is "exactly what the company needs"

As the second largest telecom provider in Russia, MegaFon prides itself on providing new services for its customers before its competitors. The company notes such accomplishments as being the first provider in Russia to test 4G LTE and the first to support HD voice technology. 

To provide its more than 63 million customers with even better service, MegaFon has rolled out Windows 7 Enterprise across the company’s corporate headquarters, eight satellite offices and its MegaFon retail network. 

This deployment was one of Europe’s largest deployments of Windows 7. The results have been dramatic for MegaFon: reduced IT costs, increased employee productivity, 40 percent fewer calls to the service center, and security improvements across the board. 

MegaFon’s director of IT, Konstantin Yunov, calls Windows 7 “exactly what the company needs,” citing its ability to provide greater accessibility to information for employees, as well as the decreased support costs the company has realized. 

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