Rockwell Automation Uses Windows Azure to Minimize Costs

The M.G. Bryan Equipment Company turned to Rockwell Automation and Windows Azure for better remote asset management of fracturing equipment designed for the oil and gas industry. Rockwell, a certified Microsoft partner, leveraged the power of the Windows Azure cloud-computing platform to develop a simple, user friendly system that provides secure access to real-time information, automated maintenance alerts, and services parts and delivery requests.

Fracturing vehicles require frequent maintenance and complete engine rebuilds after 4,000 to 5,000 hours of service. “Leveraging the cloud, we can cost-effectively keep tabs on our equipment and help customers maximize asset uptime,” said Matt Bryan, president, M.G. Bryan.

Sujeet Chand, chief technology officer, Rockwell Automation called Windows Azure “a highly scalable, cost-efficient method for storing and remotely accessing information that will help extend equipment lifecycles.”

For more information on Rockwell Automation’s solution for M.G. Bryan Equipment Company, visit:

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