Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Helps Industries Tame Big Data

The rapid growth of data volume presents a real opportunity. It’s also a challenge that most industries are either wrestling with now, or soon will be. As the cost of storing data continues to fall and cloud-hosted storage is increasingly adopted, more IT departments are transitioning to a “save everything” or “save more” approach. Accordingly, the question of what to do with all this “big data” comes up frequently. With March’s general availability of SQL Server 2012, now more than ever Microsoft is helping customers manage any data, any size, anywhere, with a data platform and tools that can extract valuable insights that lead to action. 

For example, Svyaznoy, one of Russia’s largest retailers of mobile phones, digital technology, and related services and accessories, was using Jeeves enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to bring sales data
from their retail outlets into their central database, but this solution was too slow. Svyaznoy upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Their new solution, which also includes 1C:Enterprise ERP software, uses the SQL Server Service Broker feature to verify and synchronize sales data stored in documents across multiple directories. During the workday, the solution immediately transmits detailed data on each sales transaction to the central database. Because SQL Server Service Broker supports asynchronous messaging, the system no longer loses data during a communication interruption but instead stores it offline and retransmits it to the central database after technicians have corrected the problem.

Our partners are also finding value in SQL Server 2012.  PROS, a worldwide provider of profitability management and optimization software solutions, has been managing big data for more than 25 years, working
with customers to help them grow their businesses amid industry deregulation, volatility in raw materials and currency fluctuations, and today’s globally competitive marketplace. They’ve seen a substantial increase in customers’ interest in Microsoft SQL Server, and today approximately 80 percent of their pricing customers use the platform. In addition, their manufacturing, distribution and services customers are moving toward SQL Server as their database of choice, based on the quality of the technology and its price and performance.

Temenos, a provider of banking software to retail, corporate, universal, private, Islamic, microfinance and community banks, has released benchmarking results that underscore the cost efficiencies and scalability to be gained with SQL Server 2012.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012, along with HP and XIO, broke the TEMENOS T24
    R12 performance record.
  • At peak performance, the system processed 11,500 transactions per
    second in online business testing and averaged more than 10,000 interest
    accrual and capitalizations per second during close-of-business testing,
    processing 25 million capitalizations and account accruals in less than 42
  • The testing showed a near linear scalability of 95% as the number of
    agents was increased.

Andre Loustau, CTO of Temenos, commented that “banks today face significant challenges which are squeezing margins tighter than ever before and driving a rapid need for higher cost efficiency. With these benchmark results we demonstrate a powerful software combination which addresses these requirements by delivering high-end scalability with a lower total cost of ownership and increased flexibility and agility to a
market that has traditionally been hampered by legacy systems”

To learn more about SQL Server 2012, including the new features and benefits that are delivered in this release, visit our virtual launch page at

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