Document Generation Application Launches on Windows Phone 7 Platform

This week, Microsoft is excited to highlight another financial services company that has developed a cutting-edge mobile application on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform. 

Xinnovation, a leading provider of document generation software and document services to the financial services industry, launched its XiDocs mobile application in the United States at the recent SPARK Conference. XiDocs is a document generation application based on SharePoint that helps clients dynamically create critical documents and presentations. XiDocs lets clients automate the resource-heavy workflows needed to create the documents that are part of their business metabolism.

Xinnovation CEO, Paul Stansbury, believes that the availability of XiDocs as an application for Windows Phone 7 devices, reflects the increased use of mobile business applications in the workplace and the growth of a more connected marketplace. With this application, bankers and financial advisors can now adjust their client presentations literally "on the go" while remaining fully compliant with regulatory and brand management standards.

More information on XiDocs, Xinnovation and Microsoft's mobile phone strategy will be available on our financial services website in the next few days.


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