Speeding Ahead of Its Competitors, Daimler AG Capitalizes on the Cloud

Cost-conscious and increasingly selective customers are forcing automotive companies to think smarter and meet the needs of a new generation of drivers. So much thought is put into the final product, the vehicle itself, but what’s going on beyond the scenes?  If you look closely, you’ll find that technology is the driving factor.


Daimler AG is one automotive company realizing the role that technology plays, as evidenced by its recent migration to Microsoft’s Unified Communications, messaging and collaboration solutions. Faced with an ever increasing complexity of PC workstations and future working processes that will demand a more efficient and secure communications platform, Daimler is looking to the cloud, and to Microsoft, to meet its needs. By working with a service provider to support its new infrastructure with a private cloud, Daimler gains the assurance that its intellectual property remains protected, while enjoying all the standardization and scalability benefits the cloud supplies.


We’re thrilled to be working with Daimler on this initiative. Microsoft has more than a decade of experience in working with the automotive industry and understands the value the cloud will bring to this sector. The cloud’s ability to reduce costs, provide scalability and improve communications for increasingly global organizations makes it a surefire solution for many industries, but especially for automotive companies like Daimler. The competition is fierce for Daimler and its peers; leveraging the cloud just might make all the difference in the end.


For more information on Microsoft technology solutions in automotive industry, visit http://www.microsoft.com/industry/manufacturing/automotive/about.mspx. 



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