Ribbon Hero from Microsoft Office Labs

If you want to boost your Microsoft Office skills, you can try out a cool game – Ribbon Hero. Its an add-in, sits in the “Ribbon” area of Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007/2010 applications and displays the points you have scored.

There are two ways to earn points. The first is by using the Office applications itself. As you start use different commands, you’ll start earning a number of points based on their complexity. The second and more fun way to earn points is by playing challenges.

There is a Facebook integration also. After you’ve connected with Facebook, Ribbon Hero will also let you compare your score to the average score of all of your friends, the average score of all Ribbon Hero users, and the average score in your primary network.

Read the Play Ribbon Hero and hone your Microsoft Office skills post more details. Become a fan of Ribbon Hero on Facebook.

Let me now get busy in increasing my score 🙂

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