Group Policy settings for Broadcast Slide Show

Broadcast Slide Show feature allows a user to broadcast a presentation from PowerPoint 2010 to other users – either Internal or External. The presenter needs to select a service from a list of broadcast services displayed by PowerPoint 2010. This list may include internal and external providers, and what is more important from enterprises point of view is that it can be centrally controlled by administrators.

Administrators can manage which Broadcast services users use for Slide Show using Group Policy settings. You can read more about it here: Configure Group Policy settings (Broadcast Slide Show)

The Broadcast object in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Administrative Template includes the following policy settings:

  • Disable default service – Enable the Disable default service policy to remove the default PowerPoint Broadcast Service from the Broadcast Slide Show dialog box.

  • Disable programmatic access – Enable the Disable programmatic access policy to restrict the ability to create a broadcast programmatically.

  • Prevent access to user-specified services – Enable this policy to prevent users from adding their own services or accessing services they previously added through the Broadcast Slide Show dialog box

If needed, Administrators can also disable the Broadcast Slide Show button on the Slide Tab of PowerPoint 2010 by using Group Policy.

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