SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Kit

To provide guidance on how to develop for SharePoint 2010, a developer training kit has been provided for download on the Microsoft Download Center. Seeing its content, I would rate it as a must have resource for developers.

Download it from this link > SharePoint 2010 Beta Developer Training Kit 

The SharePoint 2010 Beta Developer Training Kit provides developers with deep guidance on how to develop for SharePoint 2010. Through PowerPoint decks, Hands-On Labs, Source Code, and Instructor-Led Videos, the developer kit walks you through an array of important developer topics--including Developer Roadmap, Visual Studio tooling, Workflow, Business Connectivity Services, and much, much more.

It contains 14 presentations and links to ~40 videos. Here's the screenshot of landing page of the training kit:

Given below is the list of presentations provided with the training kit:

  • BCS_SharePoint.pptx
  • BI in SharePoint Server 2010.pptx
  • Client Object Model.pptx
  • Designing Lists and Schemas.pptx
  • Enterprise Content Management.pptx
  • Extending_Search.pptx
  • LINQ2SharePoint.pptx
  • Sandboxed Solutions.pptx
  • Security and Claims based Authorization.pptx
  • SharePoint 2010 Developer Roadmap.pptx
  • SharePoint 2010 Services Architecture.pptx
  • SharePoint 2010 Workflow.pptx
  • SharePoint Development with VS10.pptx
  • SharePoint UI Advancements.pptx

Also available is the Office 2010 Beta Developer Training Kit which includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, source code, and instructor-led videos, that are designed to help you learn how to develop for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

[10-May-2010: UPDATE] The Training kit has been updated and enhanced after RTM of SharePoint 2010. More details here: SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Kit updated

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