SharePoint 2007 Social Computing website

Social Computing is one of the focus areas of SharePoint. The current version of product provides a rich feature set for enterprise social computing, from social networking tools like My Sites to social content technologies such as blogs, wikis, RSS. A new site, part of the SharePoint product website, was launched on 22nd June to spotlight SharePoint’s Social Computing capabilities. Click here to go to the site.

As the site puts it - Social computing is a natural extension of the total SharePoint collaboration solution—once you have SharePoint, you have the foundation of Enterprise 2.0, with nothing additional to buy, manage, or integrate into your IT infrastructure. There are thousands of customer leveraging it either as-is or building more capabilities on top of it. An extensive network of third-party developers partner with Microsoft to deliver solutions for SharePoint customers who have advanced or highly specialized social computing requirements. Featured Partners page lists some of them.

Some interesting stuff from the site:

The new SharePoint Product website is becoming a good demo website to showcase SharePoint’s Web Content Management (WCM) capabilities. You can read the How We Did It: post in Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog to learn how the team developed it.

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