Screencasts on Silverlight for SharePoint developers

As part of the SharePoint for Developers screencast series, Kirk Allen Evans has posted screencasts on Silverlight:

SharePoint for Developers Part 3 - Expression Blend and Silverlight - SharePoint developers will likely use a variety of tools to build solutions.  In this screencast, Kirk Evans demonstrates how to use Expression Blend 2 to create a Silverlight application from scratch, and how to extend its functionality using Visual Studio 2008

SharePoint for Developers Part 4 - Calling SharePoint Web Services from Silverlight - In this session, Kirk Evans will demonstrate how to call SharePoint's web services from a Silverlight client.  We will use SharePoint's Lists web service, and will show how to use databinding in Silverlight to display results from a SharePoint list.  We will also see how to get around cross domain issues using SharePoint Designer 2007

Check the Channel 9 Blog of Kirk Allen Evans for more screencasts from him. The accompanying posts with code and explanation are available on Kirk Evans' MSDN Blog.

 To know more about Silverlight check out following 2 websites and access tons of learning resources available: 

1) Get Started: The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site: Apart from other resources, this site has 52 screencasts by Mike Taulty and Mike Ormond to help you understand Silverlight 2

2) Microsoft Silverlight Developer Center

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