Update on jQuery and SharePoint 2007

As I menioned in my previous post - JQuery and SharePoint 2007, SharePoint community is publishing lot of content on using jQuery. So, learn from them and start using it today. I would go further and say that its difficult to come up with a convincing reason for not using jQuery in SharePoint sites 🙂

For the sceptics, I have listed some more great posts and examples on using jQuery below:

Highlight SharePoint List rows conditionally

Showing random images in SharePoint 2007 using jQuery

JQuery - A Fresh Look at What YOU Can Do On SharePoint Without Server Code

JQuery and the Content Editor Web Part

Add Links to SharePoint Wiki Toolbar using jQuery

Sparklines and other charts in SharePoint lists

Codeplex: SharePoint InstantListFilter: Javascript based solution that adds filter textboxes to every column of a SharePoint list view (SPGridView) with filter-as-you-type functionality

Just think about it, Amazon, Google, IBM, Netflix, Twitter, Dell, ESPN, BBC, Intel, Oracle, Slashdot, Technorati, SalesForce, Monster, Newsgator and many more websites are using jQuery. After Microsoft announced official support to jQuery what are you waiting for? Start now and add some jQuery magic to your SharePoint sites.

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