Autonomy acquires Interwoven

On 22nd Jan, Autonomy announced agreement to acquire Interwoven for US$775 million approx. (ref: Press release).

Leslie Owens mentions in Forrester Research blog (ref: Autonomy Acquires Interwoven — What It Means For Search) -
"... Since 2005, Autonomy has acquired technology for search (Verity), archiving (ZANTAZ), and records management (Meridio). With Interwoven, Autonomy gains a technology foothold where it was previously weakest -- at the point where digital content gets created, captured, and managed. Yet knowing Autonomy, it’s likely after Interwoven’s solid customer base in several niche market segments: law firms and customer-facing media, entertainment, and commerce Web sites..."

Stephen Arnold discusses some implications of Autonomy move in his post - Autonomy Buys Interwoven: Implications for Enterprise Search.

The 451 Group blog mentions (ref: Autonomy buys Interwoven) - " ..Autonomy acquisition engine gets some more fuel; it’s looking more & more like a mini-Oracle every day, in all senses of that phrase ... "


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Continuing the trend of consolidation in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market, Open Text is acquiring

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