The Value Management Consulting Service (Introducing the Value Realization Services)

During a well-planned initiative to improve business capabilities, a business achieves valuable results throughout the transformation, not just at the end of the project. To help ensure that value can be demonstrated and that a business is achieving objectives, a project team or architecture board can measure and track an initiative’s progress according to specified indicators.

To help a business track established KPI’s and measure value being realized during a project, a Microsoft Architect performs the Value Management Service.

Overview of the Value Management Service

When we perform value management, we measure and validate KPI’s that are integrated with the company’s commitments, its scorecard, and its cadence.


The Value Management Service:

  • Drives acknowledgement of value realization from key program stakeholders.
  • Creates an effective mechanism to report value delivered and maintain adherence to the value plan.


During the Value Management Service, a Microsoft Architect performs many activities, including:

  • Working with the sponsors to gain agreement on reporting measurements and integrating reports with the all up scorecard for the business.
  • Operationalizing measures, reporting, governance, and remediation mechanisms with respective owners.
  • Orchestrating the agreed framework with stakeholders, with the business assuming the overall ownership.
  • Regularly reviewing and obtaining sign-off of project sponsors for the delivery of the benefits.


The Value Management Service helps ensure that the plan developed during the Value Planning Serviceis put into action in a way that stakeholders can measure and acknowledge benefits.


  • Value Realization Report. Summary of the benefits realized and the costs incurred to date, and periodically during implementation. The report also outlines future projections of benefits and costs.

What’s the Value of Doing This?

The Value Management Service provides a constant focus on delivery of projected business benefits, with full visibility of progress against an agreed plan. A business obtains:

  • Confirmation of return on investment
  • Ability to identify sources of value and report / showcase success within the organization
  • Access to Microsoft knowledge and vision, combined with large-scale technical experience, depth in products, and service to wide varieties of businesses and industries
  • Rapidly produced recommendations that are credible with stakeholders
  • Access to knowledgeable people with high standards and a well-developed ecosystem

How Do We Achieve Value?

To perform the Value Management service, a Microsoft Architect works with the account team, business and IT stakeholders, and the management and steering committees for the program of change.

1. We verify value measurement approach, confirming key metrics and KPIs that will be used to measure program benefits and costs.

2. We track program costs and benefits, collecting, analyzing, categorizing, and summarizing costs and benefits realized during the current reporting period and on a cumulative basis for the program.

3. We identify and mitigate risks to value realization. We review risks identified through program governance, risk and compliance efforts and adjust value realization projections based on the selected approach to risk mitigation.

4. We periodically aggregate and summarize value realization, measuring the costs and benefits realized by the program. We adjust future projections of value realization based on known risks.

5. We drive acknowledgement of value realization, gaining consensus of value to program stakeholders realized through the program of change.

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