Announcing Windows Small Business Server v.Next

Well, not really… The Small Business Server product line has officially been retired. But now that many of the parts of Small Business Server 2011 are moving out of mainstream support, let’s take this opportunity to review everything that made SBS great and what we can offer to bring our SBS customers into the modern…


Leading Your Customers to Modern IT with Windows Server 2012 R2: The Essentials Experience Role Step-By-Step

In Windows Server 2012 we introduced a new version called Windows Server 2012 Essentials edition.  The Essentials server is very flexible and easy-to-use.  This was a server solution that was primarily designed and priced for small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices.  This provided a great first server for many customers, as…


Deploying “on-premise” Server 2012 Essentials

  B  V  A Are you looking at an alternative solution to Small Business Server Standard edition ?  Let me discuss a supported solution, that will scale beyond 25 users, while keeping value-add features of Windows Server 2012 Essentials, such as Remote Web Access!!! Target Customer Needs: Existing SBS 2003/2008 Standard wanting equivalent on-premises capabilities….


Windows Small Business Server 2011 with Software Assurance

Q: (from Ed) Have you given or planning to give a license review of how the dropping of SBS Standard has affected current OV SBS customers and Microsoft’s recommendation of what Partners should discuss with those customers.     A: Obviously, current customers on SBS with SA have the option to be on the current…


Small Business Server 2011 Software Assurance Grant

Rob Waggoner Question (from Louis): When a client has SBS 2011 with SA and then want to migrate to 2012, I understand they receive one Server 2012 license and 1 Exchange 2010 license but my question is this: is the customer then responsible for the Server 2012 and Exchange 2010 Cals? Answer: Reviewing the Windows…


Windows Server 2012–Licensing and Software Assurance Grants

B  V  A I recently saw some interesting information out on the web on Windows Server 2012 and wanted to make sure everybody understands our licensing changes.  We are NOT moving to core licensing with Windows Server 2012! You can stack additional licenses on top of each other to add virtual licenses to Standard Edition….


Small Business Competency: Vouchers for Exam 74-324

Josh Condie – In continuing the theme of the blog entry that my friend and colleague Steve Deming posted about 3 weeks back (8/8/12), Microsoft is now making free exam vouchers available for individuals who were unable to pass exam 74-323.  The voucher is for the new exam: 74-324. Steve’s post:  Small Business Competency Exam…


Small Business Server 2011, the Elevator Pitch

Rob Waggoner Do you need a quick overview of the Microsoft Small Business Server offerings?  If so, this discussion is for you.      Here are a few links that will give you more detail on SBS.  This is the SBS Overview FAQ-Windows Small Business Server 2011 Technical FAQ-Windows Small Business Server 2011…



  By Ron Grattopp ….. A few weeks back I blogged about the launch of the SMB Server Experience and Server Selection Tools on the Midsize Business Solution page.  Well, now there is a new site, that’s designed to be a customer-ready resource focused on the small business segment.  This new site provides small…


Announcing the SMB Server Experience Tool

  By Ron Grattopp ….. You’ll want to check out the brand new SMB Server Experience and Server Selection Tools on the Midsize Business Solution page (screenshot below) of the Server and Cloud Platform site.  These tools  just launched today and are a unique solution which will hopefully make it very easy for our…


SMB Windows Server Marketing Campaigns

For partners in the Small and Medium Business space, the Microsoft Windows Server team has a group dedicated to developing a distributing messaging and tools to support your business. For this first round of announcements, the team has hosted two marketing campaign web sites: one for Small Business / First Server and one for Mid-Market…


SBS Essentials Office 365 Integration Module goes into beta –

B    V   A David Fabritius, Senior Product Manager from Windows Server and Cloud Marketing just posted on the SBS blog that the Office 365 Integration Module is available for download in beta form.  The Office 365 Integration Module for Windows SBS 2011 Essentials extends the features of the server Dashboard by providing seamless integration with…


Windows Small Business Server 2011 Hands On Labs

  B  V  A While at SMB Nation in Las Vegas, this past week, we had several partners ask about the SBS 2011 Hands-On-Labs.  These are available for use 24 hours a day and can be launched through the links below. Windows Small Business Server 2011 End-End Scenarios Access videos, Interactive HOL’s and click-thru demonstrations…


Intel/Microsoft “Building Solutions Together” roadshow coming May-June

By Ron Grattopp…..I’m excited to announce a limited engagement roadshow co-sponsored by Microsoft and Intel.  You can read the registration blurb below and then follow the “Register now” link to get more information on when and where we will be.  The big thing that will differentiate this tour from previous Intel-Microsoft roadshow events, is that…


A Summary of Windows SBS 2011 Standard Resources

  Woody Walton You may have recently read my post on Some SBS 2011 Essentials Resources Aggregated.  This is the companion post dedicated to SBS 2011 Essentials big on premise brother Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard edition. This post also has its genesis in the discussion stemming from my recent Windows Small Business Server…


Where can the Exchange database go during an SBS 2011 Install?

Q: (from Bill) With many servers I build for clients, I either partition the RAID drive into a smaller OS part & a larger “Data” one, or if the client can afford it, use a large enough server to have two separate RAID drives – a mirrored one for the OS and a much larger…


Some SBS 2011 Essentials Resources Aggregated

  By Woody Walton   Last week I had the opportunity to present two Windows Small Business Server 2011 Launch Roadshows in Kansas City and St. Louis.  The dialogue was great and I wanted to thank everyone for attending! One of the first things I learned was there is a lot of excitement with SMB…


SBS2011 Ready To GO (RTG) Campaign is Live

  Small Business Server 2011 Standard is out and ready for Prime Time!  Now its time to get the word out and we have put together the resources to enable you to start marketing it today.  So what are you waiting for ??   Technorati Tags: Windows Small Business Server 2011,SBS2011,RTG,Ready to Go,SBS 2011…


Announcing the Small Business Server 2011 Launch Tour – Powered by TS2

I’m pleased to announce a multi-city SBS 2011 launch tour. The goal of this tour is to create SBS launch excitement, evangelize cloud and energize the SBSC community. You’re invited to join us for an insider’s view of Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Standard and Premium. Learn how they can help you grow your…


SBS 2011 Marketing & Training Resources

Q: (from Bill) Would you know where I can find any partner ready material around SBS 2011?  Specifically customizable brochures or scripts?   A: (updated) There are now SBS 2011 Sneak Peak Ready-to-Go campaign materials available at: We do have training and presentation resources at: I’ll update this post when the RTG materials…