Enterprise Voice in Skype for Business

Rob Waggoner   Question: Will Microsoft be offering an Enterprise Voice solution in Skype for Business? Answer: Yes, we have actually documented our plans around voice solutions (including Enterprise voice) here.  https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn951428.aspx Until next time, Rob


Generation 2 VM support ASR

Rob Waggoner While Azure doesn’t natively support Generation 2 VMs, Azure Site Recovery (ASR) on Azure does!  I’ve spoken to a number of partners that have leveraged the performance improvements in Hyper-V Generation 2 Virtual Machines on-premises and they would like to be able to protect and/or move, these Virtual Machines to Azure.  Our Azure…


Azure Services by Location

Rob Waggoner As we build Azure to be the most complete global cloud solution, we run into the issue where every service cannot be in every one of our datacenters, especially when new services are deployed.   We have a staged approach on delivering new services where we will initially deploy them in certain datacenters, then…


Improve your Azure Site Recovery (ASR) performance

Rob Waggoner I’ve spent a lot of time with ASR lately and during some of my performance testing, I was directed to this article to improve the upload performance of my ASR replica’s.  If it weren't for the fact that someone told me to read this article, I wouldn’t have drilled into since I haven’t…


Azure Site Recovery can Overcome Azure’s 127GB Boot Volume Limitation

Rob Waggoner Azure limits the size of your OS boot volume to 127 GB.  For new workloads, this limitation is not a significant barrier because you can add additional volumes to your Azure VMs, but for existing on-premises workloads that were not built leveraging best practices, or have just grown over time, this size limitation…


Azure in 5 Minutes: ASR Failover Walk Through

Rob Waggoner In this video, I walk through the ASR Failover Process and show you the steps Azure Site Recovery takes to ensure that data is not lost in a planned failover, as well as show you how you could select prior recovery points if your current image becomes corrupt due to an un-planned failure….


Azure in 5 Minutes: ASR Test Failover Walk Through

Rob Waggoner In this video, I walk through the Test Failover scenario.  I will show you how to initiate a Test Failover and the results of a Test Failover scenario.  Take note that a Test Failover scenario exists so you can ensure that your VM is replicating to Azure.  Test Failover is not for production,…


Azure in 5 Minutes: Configure an On-Premises VM with ASR

Rob Waggoner In this video I walk through setting up a VM with Azure Site Recovery.  I focus on configuring the on-premises Hyper-V host and Virtual Machine though the initial replication.  I show you the on-Premises version of the VM and then how it replicates to Azure.    A step by step covering ASR is…


Azure in 5 Minutes: Azure Site Recovery (ASR) – Setup

Rob Waggoner In this video, I’m going to walk through the Azure Site Recovery Process.  We cover the setup of how you can send a Hyper-V Replica to Azure instead of to another Hyper-V host.  I love the idea of having an offsite replica for my VM, and having a Hyper-V replica via Azure gives…


Azure in 5 minutes: Synchronizing an Azure DC with an on-Premises DC

Rob Waggoner   In this video I will show you how to promote a VM in Azure to a Domain Controller that synchronizes with a Domain Controller of an on-premises network.  This is a continuation of the series and assumes you’ve already established the Site-to-Site VPN connection with your on-premises network. For details on setting…


Azure in 5 minutes: Configuring the Site-to-Site VPN

Rob Waggoner In this discussion I talk about setting up the Site-to-Site VPN between my Azure Virtual Network and my on-premises infrastructure.  While I walked you through the setup, I also blogged about setting up the Site-to-Site here.  During the discussion I talked about the list of the known compatible VPN gateway devices.  The full…


Azure in 5 minutes: Creating a Virtual Network

Rob Waggoner In this video, I will walk through the creation of a Virtual Network in Azure.  I talk about the options and how I normally configure my VNs so that I can connect them to my on-premises networks for the full Hybrid networking solution. I mentioned the bread crumbs in this video, I blogged…


Using Bread Crumbs in Azure

Rob Waggoner I call them bread crumbs, but to me, it’s really a way to self document my virtual networks in Azure.  I build a lot of virtual networks and connect them between on-premises and Azure.  I’ve had up to three virtual networks running at one time within my single on-premises infrastructure.  As I setup…


Azure in 5 minutes: Creating Virtual Machine in Azure

Rob Waggoner Here is a short video that walks through VM creation in Azure.  I cover Quick Create and Create from Gallery, but I do not talk about putting a Virtual Machine in a Virtual Network yet, that will be in a subsequent video. What’s the difference between Basic and Standard Tier VMs?  Basic VMs…


Will your Workload Stay in Azure?

Rob Waggoner I’ve had this discussion a lot and want to make sure we are all on the same page.  In SMB, we typically deploy Windows Server Standard Edition because we are not virtualization more than 4 or 5 workloads on a host, and Standard Edition is more economical for lightly virtualized Hyper-V hosts.  My…


Automate the Migration of your Azure Deployment Between Subscriptions

Rob Waggoner I’ve had a lot of partners ask if they can move an Azure environment from one subscription to another.  There are a lot of different reasons to do this, like: Changing from an Azure Direct subscription to an Azure in Open subscription Moving your infrastructure from one Azure Data Center to a different…


Azure Virtual Networking Improvements

Rob Waggoner During our SMB Live Hands on Lab events, there was a lot of discussion around Virtual Networking with regard to Site-to-Site bandwidth and the number of Site-to-Site tunnels a Virtual Network can provide.  At the time, we only offered one level of service (other than ExpressRoute) when it came to Site-to-Site capabilities, but…


Azure Backup now backs up your Client OS’ as well

Rob Waggoner During my recent Hands on Lab events, we spent time setting up Azure Backup.  During these events, only Server OS’ (Server 2008 R2 + SP1 and above) were supported.  The common question during these events was “Can I backup my Client OS’ with Azure Backup?”.  During the events, the answer was no, but…


System Center Virtual Machine Manager P2V

Rob Waggoner   Question:  Will P2V be added back to SCVMM 2012 R2? Answer: I doubt it.  We have a few free P2V tools.  Disk2vhd and the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter.  Here is an excerpt from the What's New in VMM in System Center 2012 R2 document http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn246490.aspx Discontinued support, in System Center 2012 R2,…


Automating the shutdown of your Azure VMs

Rob Waggoner I talked about how you can use Powershell to shutdown your VMs in Azure here, I also want to point out a way to use Azure automation to make the same thing happen.  Azure automation allows us to give Azure scripts to execute and we can even define the times these scripts execute. …