Azure will be available via Open Licensing

Partners, Last week Microsoft announced the addition of Azure to Open Licensing, scheduled to be available on August 1st. Microsoft is committed to providing resellers, like you, with new opportunities to create flexible, affordable and comprehensive solutions for their customers.  Over the past 6 months I’ve spoken with many partners looking for a simpler way…


The Windows Desktop Upgrade Volume License: Is reassignment an option?

    Woody Walton   When it comes to Microsoft licensing, most know that it is necessarily or unnecessarily complex depending on who you are! And although I am by title a Partner Technology Advisor, my support of Microsoft partners in the transaction process expose me to a lot of licensing scenarios and questions.   When…


Windows Server 2012–Licensing and Software Assurance Grants

B  V  A I recently saw some interesting information out on the web on Windows Server 2012 and wanted to make sure everybody understands our licensing changes.  We are NOT moving to core licensing with Windows Server 2012! You can stack additional licenses on top of each other to add virtual licenses to Standard Edition….


Software Assurance eLearning Benefit

Q: (from Aja) What courses are available as part of the eLearning benefit delivered as part of Software Assurance?   A: It took a little searching, but off of the site, I went to the Software Assurance page, selected Training benefits, and the eLearning page: From there I found a link to the…