Office 2007 End of Life is on the horizon

Todd Sweetser Hi Cloud Partners!  As the cycle of life continues so does the end of extended support for the Office 2007 family of products.  For customers that are using Office 2007 solutions today it is important to make sure they are aware of this milestone.  This can be specially very important for the customers…


Business is better with Office 365: Introducing Office 2016 Webcast Q/A

Good afternoon everyone!  Tim, Rob and I had the chance to answer questions on a customer facing webcast: Business is better with Office 365.  Everyone had great questions and I think we typed non-stop for the entire webcast.   I believe the Q/A list provides some insights into the types of solutions and technologies our customers…


Partner Technical Services webcasts for Azure and Office 365

Jeff Stoffel We have recently announced a new webcast series being presented by our Partner Technical Services team.  This is a great opportunity to refresh and deepen your knowledge around Microsoft cloud services. Partner Technical Services (PTS) provides Microsoft partners with services and assistance across the customer lifecycle. Through PTS, you can get on boarding…


Office 365 Video…A great opportunity for Partners!

Michael KophsPartner Technology Strategist Partners,Over the past few years I've worked closely with many of our great Office 365 partners in exploring ways they can provide value to their customers around SharePoint Online, the primary collaboration platform of Office 365.  We’ve built out strategies around file collaboration and management, project management, business process management with…


Mobile Entrée 365; A tool to enhance SharePoint Online’s mobile experience!

Todd Sweetser Hi Cloud Sellers! Wanted to make you aware of a solution that makes it easy for you as the partner to enhance SharePoint Online’s mobile experience.  While it’s out of the box experience is good, this solution makes it better. It’s called Mobile Entrée 365.  What does it do?  Here is info from…


Data Migration Options for SharePoint Online

Michael KophsPartner Technology Strategist Partners, Typically our conversations about migrating customer data to Office 365 start with messaging, i.e. how do I get my customer’s data from Exchange Server version X, Gmail, Lotus Notes, imap, etc to Exchange Online?  We at Microsoft have many resources to assist you with your messaging migrations, but what about…


SharePoint Conference 2014

  If you are looking for a way to expand your practice with SharePoint on premise, hybrid or in the cloud the SharePoint Conference could be for you. From Monday, Mar 3, 2014 11:00 AM to Thursday, Mar 6, 2014 12:00 PM Microsoft is taking over the Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada,…


Easily Brand Your Customer’s SharePoint Online Sites

Michael Kophs – Partner Technology Strategist Did you know the latest version of SharePoint Online includes some very cool custom branding options?  Impress your Office 365 customers by giving their SharePoint sites a familiar look and feel, that showcases their own brand and colors.  Following is an example of the cool out-of-box options that you…


Simplifying the Yammer and Office 365 integration

Michael Kophs Cloud Partner Technology Strategist A lot of you are experts on Office 365, and many of you know that Microsoft is betting big on improving business communication through enterprise social, specifically Yammer, but how many of you know the details behind the Office 365/Yammer integration?  I’ve received a lot of questions from my…


Adding Storage to SkyDrive Pro

Q: (from Shali) Do you know how someone can add additional storage to their SkyDrive pro in Office 365?   A: Based on what I’ve found, you can’t add storage to SkyDrive Pro today:     Steve


TechNet Virtual Labs – Windows Azure and More

B  V  A I was recently looking for additional readiness information for Windows Azure to contribute to the multi-part series we are putting together for our partners via this blog, I remembered the TechNet Labs, although many of us have had mixed experiences in the past, as I revisited the site, I realized that a…


Office Audit and Control Management Server 2013 releases to Open License tomorrow

Woody Walton   Office Audit and Control Management Server 2013.  What is that?   I asked myself that same question around the first of May when I become aware this product was releasing to the Open License Price list on June 1st. There is not a ton of information or advertising about this product, so I…


Learn more about Microsoft Enterprise Social & Yammer at the Transform Tour13

Woody Walton   We all know it whether we like it or not; he rise of Social Networking has infected hit the enterprise.   I crossed out the word inflected partially as a joke, but also as a mechanism to portray the lack of comfort or seriousness with which we take social networking and its very…


Time to think about Apps for Office and SharePoint

Michael Kophs – Cloud TSP On my company’s SharePoint Online intranet site, I want to post our branch office quarterly sales progress for everyone to see.  I want an eye-catching visual representation of year-to-date sales per office to get each rep’s competitive juices flowing!  I need a quick solution as I do not have time…


SharePoint Extranet Connector Licensing

Q: (from Cary) I have a licensing questions as it pertains to the new version of 2013 SharePoint. What is and is not an internet user, because Microsoft no longer sells "internet site license’s" I want to make sure we are good to go. It looks like we can shave 45,000 dollars off our cost….


SharePoint Online: How to Share a Site Externally and Invite External Users

Woody Walton   I am presently sitting in a hotel in Chicago, having just finished presenting at a VAR summit downtown at our office in the AON Center.   It is always great to get in front of partners and hear what the word on the street is.  For anyone out there that was in attendance,…


SharePoint and Azure Development

Q: (from Nikkia) Good morning Stephen!  It was great to meet you last night at the IAMCP DC chapter meeting!  I remember you saying (hopefully, remembering correctly) that SharePoint development can be done on Azure.  Is that true?  I don’t seem to see it on the Azure information site.  Thanks!   A: Yes – we…


Microsoft Search Express Server

Q: (from Matt) A client is asking about Microsoft Search Server Express and it’s something I’m not too familiar with.  I’ve done a little bit of research but it looks like this product is designed for mid-large companies (total data at the client doesn’t exceed 300gb).  They mentioned that the Express version was free, but…


On Premises CALs included with Office 365 subscriptions

Q: (from Bill) Could you verify this benefit and help me understand it further?   A: (with help from Todd Sweetser – Thanks) I wasn’t aware of this, but “Yes”, Office 365 licenses do confer client access (CAL) rights for equivalent on-premises technologies. Here’s the relevant segment out of the SharePoint Product Use Rights(PUR):  …


SharePoint External User Licensing

Q: (from Beth) A customer is looking at a SharePoint deployment. They will have 10 internal users, all requiring enterprise CALs. They will also have 150 external users (customers). They have a set number of external users and their site will not be public facing beyond those 150 users. Can they purchase 150 CALs instead…