Office 365 Service Comparison Web Site

There is a great new site I just learned about to help you navigate the different offerings in Office 365.  The set lets you quickly filter on what your look for.  You can find the site here: Office 365 service comparison Here is what it looks like: The site offers the ability to look at…


OWA for Android client available!

Todd Sweetser Hi Cloud Sellers! OWA for Android devices has been made available in pre-release form and can be accessed from the Google Play store.  The engineering team will be gathering feedback and fixing bugs during this pre-release phase to ensure that it is what users are expecting and requiring.  The current requirements are as…


Attend THE MEC (Microsoft Exchange Conference) in Austin March 31 – April 2

J.J. Antequino ———————————- Not to be confused with the MEC (Microsoft Experience Center) , the Microsoft Exchange Conference is coming to Austin at the end of March.   MEC is the premier global event for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 professionals. But the tour is almost at an end! The headlining event is coming up…


New Guided Walkthroughs for setting up common mailbox sharing scenarios

Todd Sweetser Hello Cloud Sellers! A new tool is available to help you and your customers when they wish to set up some common mailbox sharing requests.  These are called Guided Walkthroughs and walk the viewer through the steps required to achieve the scenario they are looking to solve. There are 5 new Guided Walkthroughs…


TechNet Virtual Labs – Windows Azure and More

B  V  A I was recently looking for additional readiness information for Windows Azure to contribute to the multi-part series we are putting together for our partners via this blog, I remembered the TechNet Labs, although many of us have had mixed experiences in the past, as I revisited the site, I realized that a…


Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) NOW Available as Add-on to Any Enterprise Exchange Online Plan

Todd Sweetser Hi Cloud Sellers! GREAT NEWS!  Exchange Online Archiving (EOA) is now available as add-on to any Enterprise Exchange Online plan. What does this mean?  Exchange Online Archiving (EOA), including In-Place hold and unlimited storage, was previously only available to be purchased as an add-on to on-premises Exchange Server 2010 mailboxes. Customers who wished…


Exchange 2013 can now coexist with Exchange 2010 and 2007

Rob Waggoner We just released cumulative update 1 for Exchange 2013.  Exchange 2013 hit General Availability in December, but we cautioned everyone that Exchange 2013 would not coexist with prior versions of Exchange until the release of cumulative update 1.  Yesterday we released cumulative update 1 for Exchange 2013, coexistence is now a reality.  The…


Ignite Technical and Sales Training for Exchange, Office & Office 365

Tim Tetrick   Don’t miss this opportunity! The Exchange, Office & Office 365 Ignite events are a series of free, limited invitation workshops for Microsoft’s most valued partners introducing you to the technical capabilities of the recently launched NEW Exchange, Office and Office 365. Technical workshop: Topics range from new capabilities, design, deployment and management…


Upcoming Office Ignite Webcasts

Todd Sweetser I wanted to share information with you regarding the Office Ignite Webcasts that are currently on the calendar.  Note that Ignite Webcasts are online sessions led by Microsoft Office 365 Product Managers, Engineers and support staff. The Ignite webcast series addresses different Office 365 technical subjects and scenarios and is beneficial to anyone…


New Office Online Ignite Training

B  V  A I was recently out on the Microsoft Partner site, and ran across this link to some New Office Ignite Trainings:  Each Technology header provides multiple trainings that are available on each solution available for you to watch online.  


Deploying “on-premise” Server 2012 Essentials

  B  V  A Are you looking at an alternative solution to Small Business Server Standard edition ?  Let me discuss a supported solution, that will scale beyond 25 users, while keeping value-add features of Windows Server 2012 Essentials, such as Remote Web Access!!! Target Customer Needs: Existing SBS 2003/2008 Standard wanting equivalent on-premises capabilities….


On Premises CALs included with Office 365 subscriptions

Q: (from Bill) Could you verify this benefit and help me understand it further?   A: (with help from Todd Sweetser – Thanks) I wasn’t aware of this, but “Yes”, Office 365 licenses do confer client access (CAL) rights for equivalent on-premises technologies. Here’s the relevant segment out of the SharePoint Product Use Rights(PUR):  …