Get your presales and deployment questions answered with the updated Top Partner Product Questions page!

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Partners!  Check out the recently updated Top Partner Product Questions page, designed as a self-help resource to guide partners through the presales and deployment stages of their projects. Partners will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as helpful documentation and resources, so they no longer have to contact Microsoft for help. Included in these latest updates is a consolidated list of questions by product areas as well as the latest trending product questions over the past few months.

Updated top 5 trending questions:

  1. How can I deploy Azure?
  2. How do I perform migration from IMAP/Staged/Cutover/Hybrid, on-premises system or third-party solution and data to Exchange Online?
  3. How do I migrate to Exchange hybrid and what are the best practices?
  4. How can Azure service be leveraged to fulfill my customers’ requirements to remove IT locally?
  5. What are the features of Dynamics 365?

In additional to this resource, don’t forget to mention the full suite technical webinars, consultations and chats available to help partners for presales and deployment.

Enjoy, and good selling!

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