Lights… Camera… PANIC!


In the most recent round of SMB Live events, one of the modules was on modern marketing with mini video clips. They are surprisingly easy to make and can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your customer engagement. At our Richmond, VA event, I pulled my co-worker, Chris Large, into the lobby and quickly captured this partner Azure engagement pitch. No practice, no fancy setup, just Chris, me, and my Lumia 950XL. But this isn’t just for sales and marketing – the TS2 Azure in 5 Minutes series was based on the same principles of quick, clean, effective communication without the fuss overproducing a fancy video. Want to know more on leveraging video in your marketing efforts…




We’ve listening to your feedback!  You’ve told us that you would enjoy a closer look at some of the marketing resources presented on our SMB Insider Calls.  That is why we created the East Region AMPLIFY MARKETING WEBINAR SERIES.

Every 2nd Friday of the month at 9am (EST), we will drill down further on Marketing resources presented on the SMB Insider Calls.

30 minutes of presented content AND 30 minutes of dedicated Q&A on marketing and Microsoft Community Connections (MCC)!

12/9/16 @ 9am (EST)

  • The “What, Why, and How” of Using Video to Drive Your Business – Lights… Camera… PANIC!  If this is how you feel about this marketing tool, come hear how you can get started and drive your business through this essential communication tool!
  • MCC & Entrepreneurship Week Opportunities – Find out how you can benefit from the PR and Special Event opportunities in your market!
  • Your Questions! As always, bring your questions about what we are discussing or anything else marketing and MCC oriented and we’ll discuss!

Registration –


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