So you want to build an Azure Practice: How To Get Started With Azure

imageWorking with Azure is one of the more exciting things I get to do at Microsoft.  As Terry mentioned in Monday’s post, things move very fast in Azure and part of the challenge is keeping up.  He provided some great resources so you can stay informed.  Before you can really begin your Azure practice you will need to know some fundamentals first.  One of the first things is that Azure is a platform and not a packaged product like Office 365.  Understanding the comparing the basic of cloud computing starts with the fundamental that Azure is a platform to build solutions.  Here are a few resources to start with:

As you start to think about all the services, do not get overwhelmed.   Taking time to learn some of the key fundamentals will be key to unlocking a successful Azure practice.   One of the common objections you may hear from your customers is concerning trust and security.  I always recommend checking out the Azure Trust Center here:  Trust, Security, Compliance & Transparency and great 3 minute video here:  How Microsoft is Protecting Customer Data in the Cloud

This will help you understand what we are doing to make sure Azure is secure for you and your customers.  Additionally you may run into customers that are running Amazon Web Services (AWS), here are some great resources to help understand the differences and comparison of the services:

We also have tons of of great Customer Case Studies,CertifiedPartners,Marketplace ISVs that you can learn from.  We also have some great reports from Analysts located here: 

There are also a lot of free resources for you to test Azure and see what if can offer you and your business:

So as you can see there are a lot of fundamentals to really help you get started with Azure and take your business to the next level! 

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Hester_Matt-5330Matt Hester Sr. Partner Technology Strategist

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