So you want to build an Azure Practice: MPN and Cloud Platform Competency


Let’s start at the very beginning of the Azure journey. For those who are not part of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) yet, you’ll want to do that first.  Details are below to get that step completed. THEN, it’s time to think about obtaining the MPN competency attached to Azure, Cloud Platform. Achieving the Cloud Platform competency will create differentiation for you as a Microsoft partner as it sets your organization apart and allows you to market to potential customers in a way that others can’t.


The Microsoft Partner Network is the start of your journey. To become an Azure Partner: 

1. Join - Enroll your Organization or Associate as an individual to an existing organization on MPN.

2. Microsoft Action Pack (MAP)

Get access to developer tools to create applications and solutions built on virtually any platform.


Take advantage of Internal Use Rights licenses for your organization to use several of Microsoft’s products in your production environment.   The value of this benefit alone more than covers the cost of MAP.


Receive $100 per month in Azure credit as part of your subscription to test or to build out your own Azure solutions for your use.


Full details of what is included are here.

3. Cloud Platform Competency - For Azure, the key competency for benefits and recognition is the Microsoft Cloud Platform Competency: You can review the benefits and requirements for the competency on the Cloud Platform page. Achieving Silver Cloud Platform Competency should be a key aim for gaining incentives & benefits.

If this will be your first cloud competency for your organization, I would encourage our US partners to reach out to the Cloud Enablement Desk and ask for their help to accelerate your efforts in earning the competency.

A. Go to and download the nomination form

B. Send your completed form to

As I talk to partners, I’m regularly encouraging them to have conversations about the value that comes with the solutions they’re delivering to customers.  So let me do that here, as it pertains to achieving the Cloud Platform competency.


I mentioned Internal Use Rights (IUR) above. Make sure you’re utilizing this benefit.  Partners who use their IUR licenses average 3x more sales revenue than those partners who don’t use IUR.  The total value of the IUR that you receive each year that you have Cloud Platform competency is $6,000, and that’s just in Azure credits!  There are a ton of IUR benefits that come with getting your first Silver competency as well, and the value keeps piling up.  Add in other benefits like Unlimited Signature Cloud Support, it really becomes a no-brainer to work towards and the value significantly outweighs the cost attached to achieving the competency.


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