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Yes, I know this is often viewed as a technical blog, but I view this as a blog to help Small Business Partners succeed with Microsoft technology. Did you know that the original definition of TS2 was TS2 which stood for Technical Sales for Technology Specialists? It was because we recognize that in the SMB space, many partners started delivering customer solutions because they love the technology but to make their businesses grow, they need the support of a good marketing and sales strategy.


…And that’s why today, I would like to introduce you to:




As Microsoft’s SMB&D team, we work hard to equip our Partners with the best and timeliest information. That is why we created the SMB Insider Community.

One of the benefits of signing up to become an SMB Insider is the monthly SMB Insider Partner Calls. On those calls, we cover a lot of great content that you need to know as a growing Microsoft Partner.

Partners have told us that they would enjoy a closer look at some of our marketing resources and a chance to ask some questions about those resources.

That is where the East Region AMPLIFY MARKETING WEBINAR SERIES comes into play.

Each 2nd Friday of the month at 9am (EST), we will drill down further on Marketing resources presented on the SMB Insider Calls.


9/9/16 @ 9am


  • Walk-through of the Latest Microsoft Community Connections Lunch and Learn Series Content
  • MPN Branding Update – Highlighting the latest MPN logos and utilize the power of Microsoft Partner branding
  • Influencer Selling Strategies – We’ll show you how to make the most of your memberships to business organizations
  • Your Questions! Bring your questions about what we are discussing or anything else marketing and MCC oriented and we’ll discuss!

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