Windows 10 Enterprise E3 for CSP Resources

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!  As my colleague J.J. blogged about earlier this month here (and announced at WPC), Windows 10 Enterprise is going to be available via a subscription model, which is right in line with Microsoft’s continued drive to cloud enablement.  

I wanted to share a couple of resources that can help partners get prepared for this upcoming release.

First is a fully stocked set of documents to help you learn and communicate this offering to your SMB customers.  These include presentations (both showing partner value and customer facing) as well as flyers, telesales scripts and more. These are available on the Microsoft Partner Ready-to-Go site here: Windows 10 Enterprise in CSP.



Next is a brief but helpful training course on this offering.  It is available as part of the Windows Drumbeat training program for partners.  To access this specific training jump to this link here: Windows 10 Enterprise E3 for CSP.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned…  as more training info becomes available on this topic we will be sure and share it here.

Thanks, and good selling!

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