“Let’s meet at Starbucks.”


J.J. Antequino


You hear this all time, especially in the SMB space.


Those who know me, also know that I love my Soy Iced White Chocolate Mochas… with whipped cream…. And while I’m waiting for that clear plastic cup with the domed lid, I see business conversations happening all around me.


If you head over https://aka.ms/getcoffee you can add this neat little feature into your Office365 account to make meeting at a Starbucks as easy as setting up a Skype conference Smile




I know that this post may seem like a plug for Starbucks…. but it really isn’t.


The point I’m trying to get across is that you can make Office 365 your own.  We have hundreds of add-ins and features that you can install to customize the online experience for you and your customers.


Imagine pitching the value of Office 365 to a Real Estate brokerage, and in addition to the great benefits around Skype, Exchange, Sharepoint, Office, etc., you are now able to provide an added benefit that Agents will love to use when meeting their clients!


For more add-ins, check out: http://store.office.com



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