New resource to help show the Value of Office!

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!  There is a new resource that is a grouping of tools designed to help you show the full value of Office and Office 365 (as well as Enterprise Mobility & Security.)  It is  This portal is the new home of the Business Value Programs which include the Value Discovery Workshop, Customer Immersion Experience (which many of you may be familiar with) and the Value of Office tool.  These are designed to assist you in communicating how a customer can benefit from this Digital Transformation @ Work via these three programs:

First, ability to provide a Step-by-Step Assessment via the Value Discovery Workshop.  This workshop helps you make the case for Office 365, find improvement opportunities, identify Office 365 capabilities, and automatically generate customized workshop content.

Next, enable the customers to obtain hands-on know-how via the Customer Immersion Experience.  With this you can provide a true-to-life user environment that will take a customer through everyday business situations and lets them see how Microsoft solutions can make it all simple, convenient and secure.

Finally, use a tool that can show the Value of Office – this uses variable models to help you build a business case as well as help you estimate the expected cost of Office 365 (note it could be used to compare of on-premise implementations as well.)


Thanks, and good selling!



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