Enterprise State Roaming for Windows 10 – Generally Available


Josh Condie - Talk about a nice, easy and efficient way to enhance a desktop deployment and management practice... Enterprise State Roaming (ESR) is now a available and a part of Azure Active Directory Premium (also available within the Enterprise Mobility Suite).  ESR allows for rapid, desktop theme synchronization to occur between devices that authenticate to Azure AD Premium (Windows 10 capability).  Desktop background, taskbar configuration, IE and Edge favorites and more are all now tied to the AADP profile of the user and very quickly sync across the devices whenever there is a change.  Great for deploying new PC's or mobile devices and not having the users miss a beat.  Especially when paired with OneDrive (Business and Consumer) for document access and synchronization across those same devices.

Take a look at the announcement in Alex Simons blog post here and the video below from Gunjan Jain, PM.  Another great reason to accelerate your move to Windows 10 before the anniversary upgrade offer expires.


Detailed documentation available here

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  1. Chris Clark says:

    Thanks, it was cool to see it change in real-time on multiple devices. It is my understanding that this only works with the out of box experience Azure AD Join or Azure AD Join on a workgroup PC under account settings. Are there any plans to incorporate this into Domain PCs using Workplace Join or Device Registration with Windows 10?

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