Azure Backup and ASR General Availability in CSP




Quick Update.   I wanted to get the news out on this as some of you may not have looked at the most current Azure Release Notes for CSP which is dated May 31st announced two very important points that illustrate the inertia building in Azure and CSP.

  • Azure Backup is now Generally Available via Portal UI, REST APIs, PowerShell

  • Azure Site Recovery is now Generally Available via Portal UI, REST APIs, PowerShell and now supports VMware; Further ASR now supports native monitoring alerts and notifications

Azure Backup and ASR entered public preview in CSP only two months ago.  At that time ASR was constrained to Hyper-V hosts.

This is critically important as Backup and ASR are core SMB workloads and provide excellent solutions/ services opportunities.


Please see my previous post Great CSP Azure Backup and ASR Guidance and please also Read my peer Rob Waggoner’s post on this blog regarding Azure Site Recovery (ASR) for VM based solutions.

To access the the Azure Release Notes file, Log into Partner Center and go to the sales node in the dashboard,  The release notes are locate in the “Offers” section on the right side under the heading Azure Services in CSP.



Good news indeed!






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