SQL Series Part 1 : SQL Server 2016 is Here!

Onur Dogruoz


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Earlier this month SQL Server team announced that SQL Server 2016 will be generally available today, June 1, 2016. I am very excited about this new release as this is one of the biggest releases in SQL Server’s history. Since our own Jeff Stoffel covered the SQL Server 2016 Readiness resources, in this 8 part blog series, I will be focusing some of my favorite new capabilities that SMBs can take advantage of, deployment options as well as editions and licensing.


Microsoft SQL Server 2016


You can download and test out SQL Server 2016 from TechNet Evaluation Center today. Evaluation edition includes all SQL Server capabilities and is good for 180 days so you can get ready to upgrade and migrate to SQL Server 2016. Please also take a look at the free SQL Server 2016 ebook to learn from experts.

*More about the SQL Server 2016 GA Announcement  


Below you can see links to all of the blog posts in the series.

  • SQL Series Part 1 : SQL Server 2016 is Here *This Blog*
  • SQL Series Part 2 : SQL Server 2016 Editions
  • SQL Series Part 3 : SQL Server 2016 Licensing
  • SQL Series Part 4 : SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database *Coming Soon
  • SQL Series Part 5 : SQL Server 2016 Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) *Coming Soon
  • SQL Series Part 6 : SQL Server 2016 Row-Level Security (RLS) *Coming Soon
  • SQL Series Part 7 : SQL Server 2016 Temporal DB *Coming Soon
  • SQL Series Part 8 : SQL Server 2016 Deployment Options *Coming Soon


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