Great CSP Azure Backup and ASR Guidance

CSP is here to stay as a sales transaction model and it is growing at an extremely high rate with Office 365. However with Azure, CSP is only just out of the starting blocks relatively speaking.  I personally think this stems from a general lack of awareness that selling solutions on Azure via CSP is possible and the fact that many partners who looked at Azure in CSP last year, saw things missing, or were not comfortable with the new portal (formerly preview portal or codename “Ibiza” portal). Another challenge has been getting used to the new Azure Resource Manager /Resource Group model.

Change can be hard.  And if anything this transformation to the cloud has taught us is that we all need to except change as the new norm.   ….an uncomfortably accelerated rate of change at that!

So if you initially took a look at Azure in CSP say in September 2015, you really need to take a look now.  The vast majority of services in Azure are available through CSP.  Mostly in the UI, and on rare exception programmatically through either PowerShell or via API.

For example, did you know that Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery (ASR) have been available for the last few months in the new portal via CSP?  The addition of these workloads to the UI somewhat levels the playing field between Azure direct and CSP by allowing all partners to now sell the full bevy of SMB DR workloads in CSP.

Because DR is so critical to SMBs, I wanted to make certain you were aware of these excellent resources that demonstrate how to configure both Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.


Azure Recovery Services in CSP: Backup


Azure Recovery Services in CSP: Site Recovery


I would like to thank Kirill Kotlyarenko , a Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist in Russia, for these excellent walkthroughs.  They took a substantial amount of time to create, 

After reading (and perhaps mimicking) these walkthroughs you should have a good understanding not only how to configure ASR and Backup in CSP, but also how they differ from the “classic” way of doing things.

All paths lead to CSP!


To read about the announcement of these services in CSP check out my peer Rob’s blog here!






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