Software Asset Management: What’s in it for you?

Colin Esaias

Hello Partners!


Software Asset Management (SAM) is sometimes misunderstood. I wanted to take a moment and have a high level overview of SAM and the benefits of SAM to both the partner and the customer.


Software Asset Management helps organizations control costs and optimize software investments

Managing software across an entire organization can be complex

Organizations may struggle with:

  • What is the best way to control costs and manage business and legal risks?
  • Can we do more with the software we already have?
  • Will our current IT infrastructure be able to expand as the organization grows?

Implementing SAM protects customers software investments and helps them recognize what they have, where it's running, and if their organization is using their assets efficiently.


Software Asset Management Benefits



  • Increased compliance due to proper licensing
  • Savings by eliminating unnecessary licenses
  • Alignment of licenses with business needs
  • Simplified acquisition, deployment, and management of software



  • Increased business contacts and improved relationships
  • Capture Incremental revenue by identifying cross sell & upsell opportunities and potential license shortfalls

Software Asset Management Review for Small Business


Software Asset Management License Review for Small Business

  • Customers headquartered in the US
  • Active volume license agreement
  • 75 – 250 seats

License Review Purpose

  • Baseline software deployments with license entitlements
  • Reconcile & consolidate licensing records into one concise report
    • VL, Cloud, OEM, FPP
  • Educate customers on license concepts and acquisition strategies
  • Consult on Software Asset Management optimization & best practices

SAM is Committed to Execution Excellence

  • Deliver value based SAM engagement
  • Focus on SAM best practice adoption and long term compliance
  • Connect customers with resources, tools, training and partners
  • Provide access to SAM specialist and licensing expert

Customer Experience

  • Value based review, customer experience is top priority
  • Eliminate waste, redundancy and risk of non-compliance
  • Assist customers in development and adoption of SAM policies and procedures

Why customers are requested to participate

Extensive data analytics

  • Leveraging internal & external data sources
  • Identify customers who will benefit from completion review

Factors vary from customer to customer

Factors include but not limited to:

  • Inconsistent versioning
  • Companion product inconsistencies
  • Server/CAL inconsistencies
  • Product edition inconsistencies
  • Inefficient licensing practices

What is the role of the Partner?

  • Familiarize yourself with the principles, value & best practices of Software Asset Management for small business
  • Encourage customer participation
  • Confirm legitimacy of request if customer confusion exists
  • Support customer with requirements of review & point customers to resources for assistance
    • Tool deployment
    • License entitlement and proof of license data
  • Escalate if issues arise
  • Consider SAM Competency – Microsoft Partner Program

What is the Partner Opportunity?

As a trusted Partner, your company can gain access to key decision makers within the highest levels in the organization and:




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